Studio Dumbar/DEPT® is organising the world’s largest motion design festival – and looking to feature your work

Appearing on a whopping 5000 screens across the Netherlands for a 24-hour takeover of motion design, DEMO festival today opens its call for submissions.

21 April 2022


It’s Nice That is partnering with DEMO, organised by Studio Dumbar/DEPT®, for its 2022 event. The world’s largest motion design festival, and the biggest open-air exhibition ever organised, you can send your work directly to the organisers to be featured until 30 June.

Studio Dumbar/DEPT® has today announced the return of its Design in Motion Festival (DEMO). A one-of-a-kind motion festival, in which artworks from a range of established and emerging creatives take over public spaces, the organisers are encouraging creatives to send in their motion design work to be featured at the festival, taking place on 6 October 2022.

The first DEMO festival took place back in 2019, taking over the majority of screens displayed in Amsterdam Central Station. It was an incredible feat by the studio, managing to suspend advertising within the station for 24 hours in order to make way for a day of moving creativity. However, DEMO 2022 is even more ambitious in its reach.

This year, the work selected to be displayed will take over more than 5000 digital screens across the whole of the Netherlands. Whether you’re in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht or elsewhere, typographical motion designs, 3D worlds and other motion-focused design work will be seen up and down the country.

“DEMO is an extraordinary event in the public space,” say the organisers. “It builds a bridge between the subject area of designers and artists, and the general public. Commercial advertisements in the streets give way to inspiring designs. Everywhere in the Netherlands.” As a result, DEMO is not only the biggest motion design festival in the world but also, for 2022, marks the biggest open-air exhibition ever organised.

If you’d like to take part, the studio are encouraging creatives to send in their motion work here, up until 30 June. Any style of motion work is suitable, but it must be non-commercial in its use. Following the closing date in June, Studio Dumbar will work with a range of curators – creative director of Studio Dumbar/DEPT® Liza Enebeis, motion designer Connor Campbell, art director and designer Koos Breen, creative coder and designer Tim Rodenbröker, and Niels van der Donk and Vikki Young of Yonk – who will select the work to be showcased on the event date in October.

An unimaginable festival of visual possibility in motion, DEMO will see creativity take over the country, whether you’re passing by a petrol station, running for a train or plane, wandering the streets, or driving down the Dutch highway. For more information, head here.

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