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Designers’ “most-used tools” unveiled


Designers’ most-used tools have been unveiled, showing “pencil and paper,” Dropbox and project management software Slack to be among the most-cited aids. The Design Tools Survey, launched today, takes answers from more than 4000 people across 200 countries, and asked creatives which tools they used most in six categories: Brainstorming; Wireframing; Interface design; Prototyping; Project management and File management. The survey was conducted by Khoi Vinh, who has put the findings into a microsite designed by Brooklyn-based studio Hyperakt and powered by Typeform.

The winners in each category are:
Brainstorming: Pencil and Paper
Wireframing: Sketch
Interface design: Sketch
Prototyping: HTML/CSS
Project management: Slack
File management: Dropbox

To view the full results visit the microsite here.