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DixonBaxi unveils global rebrand of the History Channel for A+E Networks


London-based agency DixonBaxi has unveiled a global rebrand for the History Channel following six months of work to develop a new strategy and comprehensive design language that “inspires the restless explorer in everyone.” The project focuses on taking the History brand of the past and creating something relevant for the present, with a focus on creating “strong emotional connections with a broader audience and demonstrate a greater cultural context.”

Used across broadcast, print and digital, the concept was developed by the DixonBaxi team in London together with the A+E team in New York. “Central to the new positioning was giving the brand the permission to have a voice, an opinion on the world.  To use the past as a way to define the future, to give context, depth, and understanding. To tell humanity’s defining stories. The idea of – Humanity’s Infinite Storybook – was used to harness that concept, and show that the real world has a tremendous depth of inspiring, momentous, and dramatic human stories (big or small) to draw upon,” says DixonBaxi.

“It was important to make the H icon the hero and give it new life. We created a series of short idents that reinterpret it as a reflection of infinite stories,” the studio explains. “The facets are mirrored and therefore reflect different perspectives of the same scene – a metaphorical expression of history told from different points of view. With layered and cinematic sound design by Zelig.”

“The typeface is Tungsten and used in different weights and dynamic layouts to create a strong editorial look. In motion it comes to life through movement inspired by the cadence of the spoken word. And in print, digital and advertising to have a much more graphic and modern sensibility.”