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Donald Trump’s naive illustration of New York City’s skyline currently on auction


A naive drawing of the New York City skyline by Donald Trump is currently in an online auction. At time of writing, with less than a day to go, the bid is at $9,900 after just two bids and a starting price of $9,000.

The drawing was created in 2005 by the president as a prize in a charity auction for global literacy. The quick sketch displays a child-like drawing of the skyline, a random curved line underneath it and is accompanied by his signature in gold pen. Donald has even added some artistic licence on the city’s skyline, extending the size of Trump Tower so it takes centre stage.

Donald Trump’s temperament, outrageous personality and presidency have been the inspiration for a wealth of creative pieces in outrage against him. We just hope he doesn’t follow in George Bush’s footsteps and pick up painting…