The Women's Equality Party say thank you to Trump

13 July 2018

Telegramme, for The Women’s Equality Party

The streets of London (and likely your Instagram feeds) today and throughout the weekend are set to be filled with protest at the US President’s arrival in the capital city. But amongst a sea of placards and posts featuring angry, powerful and pithy messages directed at Mr Trump, there’s one you might not have expected to see: ‘thank you’.

Lead by the Women’s Equality Party, women all over the UK are coming together to show their gratitude for his ‘handiwork’ because, despite his very best efforts, the president’s hateful and misogynistic behaviour has actually united women. Take that, Trump.

The brilliantly satirical campaign, created by advertising agency Now, is multifaceted, but the bit that caught our attention here at It’s Nice That is the mock-up thank you cards. Their design parodies traditional, and tacky, greeting card illustrations – the stuff of year eight Valentine’s Day dreams (or nightmares) and birthday cards from your Gran. Harking back to the heyday of Hallmark, the illustrators’ – including Emily Robertson and Jeske Balmakers – subtle additions (hands sticking their middle finger up hidden amongst a floral wreath, or a box full of poo-shaped chocolates) to familiar designs cleverly emphasise the extreme sarcasm that runs through the campaign. So, whilst they may look kitsch on first glance, they’re far more ballsy than mumsy.

The cards will populate social media, as well as being paraded through the streets of London at today’s (13 July) protest. A giant card (signed with personal messages by celebrities including prolific actresses and writers, as well as the general public) will even be delivered to Trump himself, when he arrives at his residence in Scotland this weekend.

Along with the cards and placards, the Women’s Equality Party have released an accompanying film (below) featuring both women and men (and a handful of celebrities) saying ‘thank you Trump’, with the word ‘thank’ bleeped out, leading viewers to believe they’re swearing – until the very end, when it’s revealed to be words of gratitude rather than obscenity.

The future is female – not orange.


Emily Robertson, for The Women’s Equality Party


Jeske Balmakers, for The Women’s Equality Party

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