There's now one website to see all the best Dutch digital design

Launched by the collective of studios, agencies and brands, the Dutch Digital Design website showcases a range of projects submitted by their designers or admirers, acting as a nationalised portfolio site for digital design made in the Netherlands.

3 December 2019

Back in 2014, a conglomerate of Dutch design agencies, studios and brands decided to forget competition in favour of a bigger cause – promoting all the great digital design coming out of the Netherlands. The result is the Dutch Digital Design foundation – a collective of leaders in digital design, who are clubbing together to promote the country’s work in this realm, and, in turn, nurture its next generation. Now, there is an online resource for a curated selection of this work in the form of the Dutch Digital Design website.

The site represents the collective and showcases projects by individual studios and agencies, which can be submitted by the designers or clients themselves or admirers of the work. These are moderated by a panel of curators, who judge the work based on five criteria: aesthetics, usability, creativity, content and effectiveness. The chosen projects are then shared on the site as well as social media channels and partner channels, including local and international media. In essence it is a nationalised portfolio site for digital design made in the Netherlands; projects on the site currently include Studio Dumbar’s Demo Festival outdoor motion design exhibition, Clever Franke’s live data visualisation of the National BMX Freestyle Park Championships, and Fabrique’s interactive tour of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch.

The foundation also publishes articles, news and events about digital design on the site, making it a central hub for the industry, while giving the site extra kudos as a go-to source for top digital creatives.

According to the collective, the website is aimed at an international audience of potential new clients and talent, and celebrates the country as a pioneer in digital craft.

Sebastiaan Scheer, design director at MediaMonks Amsterdam, told The Drum "I think there are several reasons why The Netherlands has become a focal point for the digital industry. Take our education system: they made the jump from traditional 'Dutch Design' to digital around twenty years ago, and the overall quality of education is high."

Banding together, particularly with Brexit around the corner, is the savvy move, he continues. "With political changes afoot in Europe, there’ll be heaps of designers looking for work in the coming years, so the best thing we can do is continue to provide fertile ground for new businesses and talent."

The Dutch Digital Design website is designed and built by Nok Nok Studio and Momkai.


DEMO Festival. Photograph by Aad Hoogendoorn

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