Sex sells, but does it sell wonky veg? Oddbox puts it to the test

The veg box brand teams with illustrator Dylan Woodall on a playful poster campaign, drawing attention to food waste and discarded produce.

18 April 2023

Oddbox, the fruit and veg box that deals in wonky produce, is highlighting food waste with a poster campaign from illustrator Dylan Woodall. The idea is to draw attention to the more unique-looking fruit and veg that is often wasted by casting them in sex scenes – two root vegetables and a leaf of romaine lettuce are depicted in the throes of passion, and so on. A bit silly perhaps, but the concept draws attention to the absurdity of throwing away edible food products because of how they look.

The campaign is based on figures from Oddbox’s recent Do Good Report, which reveals how the average person in the UK throws away 10 per cent of fruit and vegetables purchased a week, with 21 per cent of respondents stating that they discard certain items because of how they look, even when edible.

The brand’s previous 2023 campaign Soilmates tapped into these findings with an interactive online site replicating Tinder, where users could ‘match’ with unused vegetables and find recipes that correspond to your matches.

The new posters build further on the anti-waste concept established in Soilmates. Dylan Woodall’s playful posters show vegetables in an array of sexy poses, usually shown alongside a pun. Each poster comes with its own QR code which directs the public to recipes on the Oddbox website like Caesar Salad, Bombay Aloo, Baba Ganoush. The posters launch across London from today (18 April).

GalleryDylan Woodall: Oddbox (Copyright © Oddbox, 2023)

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Dylan Woodall: Oddbox (Copyright © Oddbox, 2023)

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