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Spanish consultants Summa give FC Barcelona a new badge


Summa/FC Barcelona

Football crops up here on It’s Nice That quite frequently, and for good reason. Football is, after all, largely a very good thing indeed. Free-kicks that curl into the top corner? Good. Precision-engineered slide tackles executed on rainy afternoons? Also good. That Norwich City kit from the early-90s which looks a bit like a seagull with a dicky tummy flew headfirst into a massive open-air rave? Very, very good.

Barcelona are very good at football and have been for quite a long time. While we could rhapsodise about Edgar Davids’ period at the club all day, we’ll save that for whoever is unlucky enough to find themselves sat with us at the pub after work, because the real news is thus: Spanish branding consultants Summa have proposed to give Barcelona a new badge. The club’s members will be given the chance to vote on the new badge in October. Barcelona’s board of directors have already approved the new look.

The 25 time La Liga champions have stuck rigidly to the same crest since 2001, but as Summa says, “context, society and technology,” have changed since those heady days when Hear’say were in the charts and Tony Blair was in 10 Downing Street, and so the club’s brand has to reflect that.

Summa has suggested that it reduces the old crest’s blue and maroon stripes from seven to five, give the previously there football a more prominent position, and blap the “FCB” acronym from the badge entirely.

Whether a new badge will inspire the team to grab the Champions League trophy back off their bitter rivals Real Madrid remains to be seen. Stranger things have happened in football — remember when Peter Crouch did the robot? Classic.


Summa/FC Barcelona


Summa/FC Barcelona


Summa/FC Barcelona