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FKA Twigs releases a motion graphic novel for AVANTgarden issue three


FKA Twigs has released the third issue of AVANTgarden the artist’s digital zine released solely on Instagram. Made in collaboration with Oneohtrix Point Never, the third edition of the publication is titled Meatspace, and features illustrations by Icky H.

Initially conceptualised by electronic musician Oneohtrix Point Never and FKA Twigs together, Meatspace builds a dystopian world through illustration, depicting a future landscape “where A.I have slaughtered most of the human race, sparing only the artists — including lead character anomalie — in the pursuit of fully understanding and exploiting humanity,” explains the publication. “The story sees anomalie’s thresholds pushed to their limits, causing her to transcend into an ‘evolved human’ and allowing her to channel powers through emotions, mysticism and nature. She unlocks powers in those around her and it becomes clear she is the only hope for humankind.”

Each of the characters and landscapes within Meatspace has been developed by London-based illustrator Icky H, who FKA Twigs aptly discovered via Instagram. “I was really touched by his representation of how superheroes could look and feel,” explains FKA Twigs, “I could see myself in the strength of his characters, in a way I hadn’t identified with a protagonist before.” In turn, Meatspace’s protagonist presents a powerful woman of colour in an industry which mostly features white, male superheroes.

Launched in October 2017, AVANTgarden creatively explores FKA Twigs’ ideas and past experiences through visual narratives, through a number of collaborations across photography, art, music, fashion and now illustration too. The publication has been particularly noted in its ability to present a publishing platform in the age of social media and the artist is also to be given a Webby Special Achievement Award in honour of “incredible contributions to digital culture and for constantly using the internet to create and distribute experimental new art.”