Flying Lotus and David Lynch drop an impressively surreal music video by Salad Fingers' David Firth

18 April 2019
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If you can think of a better way to ease into the long bank holiday weekend than sitting back with a disturbing, disquieting and disorientating new David Lynch featuring music video by Flying Lotus then, please, do let us know.

Just the thing to prepare us all for four long days of doing whatever we want (thank you, Jesus!) Fire is Coming – taken from the forthcoming LP, Flamagra, the Californian producer’s sixth – features the pleasingly-weathered face of the dearly beloved Twin Peaks director transplanted onto the body of a rather mangy mutt.

Directed by Flying Lotus and Salad Fingers supremo David Firth, the clip is an impressively odd offering for an artist releasing their first single in five years. Then again, FlyLo – as his devotees call him – has form when it comes to weirder-than-thou visual offerings.

Back in 2008 an uber-saucy visual accompaniment co-directed by Eric Wareheim for the track Parisian Goldfish was banned by YouTube, and 2014’s Ready Err Not saw the producer exploring some seriously gory territory.

While we can’t assure that it’s the breeziest of watches, but anyone who has ever found themselves waking up in a cold sweat halfway through a long, dark night of the soul screaming “But what if I never get to see what it’d look like if David Lynch played a dog who creaks out gnomic utterances that sound like the mouth of hell opening very very slowly,” can finally get a good night’s sleep.


Flying Lotus and David Lynch: Fire is Coming

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