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Foam studio unveil quirky film for Maxon’s revamped Cinema 4D program


Foam/Maxon: Influencers

The world, lest we forget, exists in three dimensions. While most of spend most of our waking lives gazing into the flat plane of the perma-screen that is modernity, things really do exist in a real, 3D, graspable fashion.

So it stands to reason that software like Maxon’s Cinema 4D is an increasingly useful tool in the creative arsenal: it allows a designer to incorporate the best of both worlds. Maxon have enlisted creative consultancy Foam – whose clients include Adobe, Nike, and MTV – to showcase the latest additions to the program.

“At foam we are lured in most by things that are often overlooked. This curiosity is the root of our work,” foam’s director Curtis Baigent tells us about Influencers. "It is a film about drawing out the intrigue in the everyday, and allowing it to humbly influence the world around us. For us it’s a celebration of the creative process and a meditation on working in 3D.”

Featuring scurrying coffee cups and ballooning bottles of bathroom cleaner, Influencers makes great use of the program. “We knew that it had to be playful and exploratory in order for it to be a true representation of what we do. We find that these things always translate; if you have fun exploring within the process, the viewer will innately feel this and connect with it. We were confident that this would lead us to a visual and narrative solution that embraced the familiar and the potentially banal in new, unique an unexpected ways,” Curtis says.

He goes on to tell us that he and the rest of the team at Foam regard influence as both an agony and an ecstasy. " It is about spiritually infecting ourselves and others with the burning affection for new and beautiful visual thoughts. An intense tickle of joy and excitement. It’s the perpetual tug of war and cross-pollination of contrasts that makes life worth living. Influence is letting yourself go, staying receptive to the world and just Being. And sometimes it’s just nice to make a mark and let people know you’re out there."

Watch the quirky video below.


Foam/Maxon: Influencers


Foam/Maxon Influencers