Glug is on a mission to create the world’s largest database of climate protest posters

19 August 2019

Protest by Design: Ben Mottershead, Final

Glug, a creative events programme, is on a mission to build the world’s largest database of protest posters. Titled Protest by Design, the project is in preparation for the next round of global climate strikes taking place on 20 September, just three days before the UN climate summit.

In July, we covered the launch of a collaborative endeavour between social activism initiatives Good For Nothing and Glimpse, who came together to help mobilise a million strikers for the climate change strike due next month. An open brief was set and its manifesto stirred regular meet-ups and a one-day sprint event prior to the UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN) walk-out.

For the next step, Glug has now teamed up with Glimpse, Good for Nothing and UK Student Climate Network in efforts to raise awareness and, more importantly, to make a call out to the creative community for assistance. “We’re asking our community to create an A3 size poster, in any medium, with any relevant message, optionally pushing the protest date on the 20th as these strikes and the database will continue after that date,” says Glug.

Having provided guidelines with template examples of what to submit, there is plenty of room for creative freedom – but imperative is the use of “meme-like content, slapstick imagery, comedy, banter, stupid phrasing, and downright light-hearted mockery if needed,” as proclaimed by Glug. “Get your tag lines out, put your lighters in the air (but don’t turn them on) and show the world what you’ve got.”

The database is already growing, and you can simply share your poster on social media with the hashtags #protestbydesign and #climatestrike, then just tag UKSCN and Glug. “While these Climate Strikes won’t solve the crisis alone, this moment can demonstrate that people are no longer willing to continue with business as usual,” Glug continues. “As a design community, we’re in the fortunate position to do something about this, so any time you can donate to this, it would go a long way.”


Protest by Design: Peggy Mitchell, It’s not living if it’s not with you


Protest by Design: Henry Curtis


Protest by Design: Alex Kazem-Malaki


Protest by Design: Balanced Design UK


Protest by Design: Ben Mottershead, Nelly


Protest by Design: Ben Goodman


Protest by Design: Ben Mottershead, Hot Hot Hot


Protest by Design: Brad Lane


Protest by Design: Maddy Hope

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