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French collective BRVTVS take us on an intergalactic mission in new Gorillaz G-Shock campaign video



French design collective BRVTVS has directed a campaign video with the Gorillaz for watch company, G-Shock. The video shows Noodle, 2-D, Murdoc, and Russel taking a journey to outer space after getting a mysterious call from G-Shock creator Mr.Ibe, requiring them to take a journey into the cosmos. Scored by music from their new album The Now Now, according to the credits the film takes place in impressive locations including Tokyo, Japan and “Central Space Station, Galaxy M101”.

The short is part one of a series directed by BRVTVS, a French collective founded in 2014 by Thibaud Clergue, Aurelien Duhayon, Sébastien Iglesias and Camille Perrin. In some of the collective’s previous work, namely a short film called Horde, we see a fast-paced rough and tumble motorcycle animation, bringing this spirit into its work with Gorillaz. BRVTVS also worked alongside animation creative studio Feed Me Light and Blinkink.

The collective direct the first part of the short promotional video for G-Shock saying, "It was a dream project for us to work on. The Gorillaz universe is already quite dense with so much material to play with that has been iconically created. And lucky us, we then had a lot of freedom granted to approach this project with Gorillaz x G-Shock as we wanted”.

You can watch the campaign video below.