Calling all struggling freelancers: Drop everything and call 1-833-HOTL1NE for a brilliant mood boost

Masterminded by Groove, the Pick-me-up Hotline can be accessed by freelancers in a funk worldwide using Skype.

5 May 2022


It’s been a tough couple of years for freelancers. Maybe you’re tired of talking to yourself rather than the office all day. Perhaps you’ve just sent back the fifth final edit to a client this week. Or maybe you’re just fed up of finishing off a working day to the sound of your loud neighbours playing Kings of Leon – that last one might just be me. Whatever your independent worker woes might look like, a new service from online co-working community Groove is about to change everything; or at least make your WFH lunch a bit more fun. Struggling freelancers can now “transform their day in 60 seconds” by calling the Pick-me-up Hotline, says a release from Groove attests, offering a quick dose of inspiration, encouragement and support.

While the hotline’s number (1-833-HOTL1NE) is US-based, the service can be accessed abroad through platforms such as Skype. It features pre-recorded messages, all in aid of cheering up the caller. Among the Pick-me-up Hotline’s many audio options includes the choice to actually talk to Groove CEO and co-founder Joshua Greene. “A Groove member called him once and they caught up for 15 minutes,” says Groove brand marketing consultant Brandy Cerne.

After launching in April, the hotline has racked up many calls; Brandy says it’s particularly fun to see the same number call back multiple times or go through the whole menu to hear all the options. “We’ve heard so many people say it made them laugh or brighten their day! One of the great aspects of a campaign like this is that it’s pretty evergreen – we just need to update the recordings from time to time, but otherwise, people can come back to it or get introduced to it anytime,” says Brandy.

The idea for the hotline brilliantly came from an extremely-engaging tweet about a popsicle hotline at a hotel – a thread we’d recommend reading. Brandy continues that, after Groove went off social media a few months ago, “It sparked some creative, outside-the-box ideating about how we can make a positive impact in freelancer and solopreneurs’ lives in maybe a more retro throwback way”. After the Great Resignation left many freelancing or embarking up the winding road of starting a business, Groove hopes the hotline can serve as a fun replacement to the pick-me-up a coworker might offer in an office. So today, before you face your slowly lengthening to-do list or more worryingly expanding inbox, you know what to do.

GalleryGroove: Pick-me-up Hotline (Copyright © Groove, 2022)

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Groove: Pick-me-up Hotline (Copyright © Groove, 2022)

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