Gucci gives its logo a handwritten overhaul for Fall/Winter 2020

Inspired by a child’s handwriting, the cursive logo has been masterminded by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele and has received a mixed reaction from fans.

17 January 2020


Gucci has revealed a new logo inspired by children’s handwriting. Led by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, the new temporary logo was first revealed earlier this week via Gucci’s Facebook page ahead of the launch of the brand’s Fall/Winter 2020 menswear collection.

The logo switch came at the same time as teasers for the new campaign, which has been inspired by kids parties and features the phrase “Rave like you are five”. It marks five years since creative director Michele’s debut collection for the fashion house. The childish scrawl has been inspired specifically by the script that French children are taught in schools. Invites to the Milan show also followed the birthday theme, inspired by party invites of aristocratic children (see below).

Like many a rebrand, reaction to the handwriting-inspired logo has been mixed. One Facebook user commented, “Thanks for hiring my 2-year-old cousin for this design!” Another critic asserted: “When the difference in design between what is done by a six-year-old and design done by a professional graphic designer is indiscernible you have your answer. It may be clever in looking natural and child-like but it is untidy, unattractive and lacking in aesthetic. It’s awful.”

Others have responded more favourably. Commenters on site Under Consideration said: “They know who they are and what their brand is. No need for anything over thought” and “It feels authentic and it does the one job of all high art/fashion well, which is to elicit an emotional reaction. I can dig it.” Another remarked, “In a day and age where penmanship is becoming a lost skill I think this is a great move for a campaign to stand out.” But for some the associations were less than ideal. “I like the idea. But I can't shake off my head the association with bad reputation fashion brands using child labor in 3rd party suppliers' sweatshops…”

Interestingly the new logo started off a viral sensation in Vietnam specifically, as numerous social media users changed their profile pics to handwritten avatars in a similar style. It’s thought that this swell of support was due to that many Vietnamese children learn the Latin script in this style, like French kids. A number of web tutorials have also popped up teaching fans how to emulate the new logo themselves.

“Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if the things you do are right or wrong,” said one commenter on Facebook. “Making people argue about things you made, that’s what Gucci really wants to do.”

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Gucci's new logo for Fall/Winter 2020

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