All I want for Christmas is a Gucci branded Xbox

In a delightfully unexpected collaboration, the iconic fashion house makes its mark on the gaming company with 100 limited edition console sets.

16 November 2021

When he’s not styling best friend Harry Styles, Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, is apparently buddying up with Xbox, in a collaboration we never saw coming: to create 100 limited edition console sets. The project marks the Xbox’s 20th birthday as well as celebrating Gucci’s own centenary this year.

This collaboration aims to be a meeting of tech and tradition, of the tactileness of Gucci’s designs with the polished functionality of Xbox’s consoles. 100 numbered sets have been created, showing off a custom Xbox Series X console with a GG-pattern laser-engraved, two Xbox Wireless Controllers featuring Gucci’s Web stripe in red and blue, and finally accompanied by a hard case inspired by Gucci’s old-school luggage. The case is covered in the recognisable beige Gucci Supreme canvas. The word “Xbox” is written on the lid in the gaming brand’s signature green, the same green which covers the compartmentalised interior which the console and controllers lie inside. The bottom of the case says “Good Game” in yellow, which refers to a happy coincidence that “GG” stands not only as the well known Gucci motif, derived from the name of Guccio Gucci, but also as the acronym of this phrase commonly used in gaming communities.

The project hopes to illuminate Gucci’s goal of searching for new cultural arenas to explore. The fashion house’s ability to cast every cool-girl and cool-guy of the zeitgeist for its campaigns is a nod to this desire to seep into everyday popular culture; hence the jump to collaborating with a surprising partner which might excite fans at the intersection of gaming and couture fashion. The new Gucci and Xbox collaboration follows Gucci’s previous exploration of the world of video games through those it has designed for its own app, as well as through its collaborations with Mattel Creations, Animal Crossing, and content creators from The Sims 4’s community, among others.

The set will be available on 17 November online as well as in select Gucci stores such as New York, Beverly Hills, Mexico City, Beijing, Tokyo, London, Berlin and Milan.

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Courtesy of Gucci

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