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Hato launches new society for creative students


(Via Hato)

Hey, students! Here’s something that might make the colossal debt you’re racking up worth it. No, it isn’t the free double cheeseburgers you can claim with the purchase of any main meal at an unnamed fast food franchise, nor that sweet 10% discount they dish out at wherever it is trendy young whippersnappers like you buy your clothes from these days.

London-based printer, publisher, and Risograph-lover Hato Press has launched a free new service just for those of you lucky enough to be able to while away the days with telly, toasties, and the odd tutorial.

The snappily titled Hato Student Society – which is hopefully more enjoyable than the contact improvisation one you decided to join as a fresh-faced fresher hepped up on hopes, dreams, and a complimentary slice of pizza that was doled out in a sweaty marquee for reasons you can barely remember – is set to offer the designers of tomorrow all sorts of fun.

By signing up and becoming members – which costs nothing, by the way – you’ll get to access stuff like a portfolio surgery with Hato director Ken Kirton, chances to grab free tickets for the workshops Hato hosts in its east London studio, deals on printing that make producing post-graduation business cards before you’ve graduated an affordable option rather than a pipedream limited to the Oxbridge set armed with daddy’s American Express, and spaces on what it’s calling “printernships" which will only be offered to signed-up members.


(Via Hato)