Think your studio or agency has the best creative culture? Apply for the new Top Creative Companies Awards

Our sister company If You Could Jobs debuts its awards highlighting impactful creative workplaces across the industry. Why not throw your hat in the ring?

9 April 2024

Applications are now open for the new Top Creative Companies Awards, founded by It’s Nice That’s jobs board, If You Could. In its debut year, the awards will celebrate work by organisations across culture, craft and leadership, in a bid to champion inspiring, supportive and brilliant workplaces. Leaders and their teams can apply for free and applications close on 6 May.

The winner of this year’s Top Creative Companies Awards will be open to a world of perks. Alongside being named the top creative company – creating amazing conditions for its creative teams – the winner will also be featured on It’s Nice That, reaching our audience of two million creatives. The chosen company will also receiving three premium job credits on If You Could Jobs and a featured company status for 12 months that has the reach of 80,000 creative job hunters and is worth £1734.


Top Creative Companies Awards (Copyright © If You Could Jobs, 2024)

The application process for the Top Creative Companies Awards 2024 is thorough in order to properly assess impact. The company is to fill out two short surveys – one by the employer and the other by employees, and the number of employees required to answer is determined by the company’s size. Employ 1-25 people? All members of the team producing creative work must complete the survey. 26-49 employees? 90% of all team members producing creative work. 50-99? 80% of team, and so on. After the survey is completed and submitted by the employer, employees have 10 days to complete their survey. Team members and leaders can read more extensively about the process here.

If You Could has expertise across a wide scope of the industries, and it will also be providing industry reports for creative companies to complement the awards. It will cover creative industry benchmarks and an evaluation framework for your organisation. The Creative Industry Benchmarks report includes: standardised benchmarking across policies and practices, information specifically for creative companies on areas such as working hours, holiday, parental leave, compensation and more. When it comes to the Individual Evaluation Framework report, it will feature individual feedback from your employees and detail of you compare to other companies. Reports will be released shortly after the winner is announced in May. You can purchase the Individual Evaluation Framework report, Creative Industry Benchmarks report, or both. The reports are independent from the winner and all teams can purchase ahead of their application.

Click here to apply. Applications close 6 May.


Top Creative Companies Awards (Copyright © If You Could Jobs, 2024)

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Top Creative Companies Awards have been founded by If You Could, the jobs board from It’s Nice That. If You Could Jobs started TCC to celebrate work done by organisations across culture, craft and leadership to provide inspiring, supportive and brilliant workplaces.

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Top Creative Companies Awards (Copyright © If You Could Jobs, 2024)

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