Ikea and Pizza Hut make a lifesize version of the little tables that come in pizza boxes

In a campaign by Ogilvy Hong Kong, the two brands have released the Säva table, which is perfectly proportioned to hold a pizza box and even comes in its own giant pizza box packaging.

10 March 2020


Ikea x Pizza Hut – how has this collaboration not happened sooner? The Swedish furniture retailer and pizza purveyors have been brought together in a two-way collaboration by Ogilvy Hong Kong which has birthed new furniture, a new pizza and a whole new way to enjoy a night in. The Säva table is a lifesize version of the little tables that come in pizza boxes, so-called pizza savers – a name which lends itself to the faux Swedish title.

The table is apparently designed specifically around the proportions of a pizza box, to dispense with the balancing act that usually ensues on a lot of furniture when a delivery arrives. And with expert follow-through from the creative team, the table even comes in packaging that mimics a pizza box. And Pizza Hut are simultaneously bringing the retailer’s most famous foodstuff to its canvas, offering a new Swedish meatball pizza.

Product shots show a pizza on the Säva table in the typically minimalist style of an Ikea photoshoot, offering potential for mise en abyme, the lifesize table with a pizza on top, and a mini table / pizza saver on top of that. Product labelling reads: “Perfect for small groups of teenagers and adults to sit around and enjoy the delicious Pizza Hut x Ikea pizza… Ideal for when you want to order Pizza Hut and watch movies… Easy to assemble and clean after you smear delicious tomato sauce on it.” It adds “available for a lucky few” as the release is limited edition, and has been selling like hotcakes since the launch last week.

The campaign was teased in a series of Facebook posts by Pizza Hut, one showing a pizza delivery driver asleep in an Ikea store, and another apparently showing the moment at Pizza Hut employee dreamed up the new recipe.

John Koay, ECD at Ogilvy Hong Kong, said in a statement: “We’ve been absolutely thrilled to see the launch the new Pizza Hut x IKEA pizza with a fun, cheeky campaign that has proven to be quite popular with the fans already on the first day! This is a great pizza, and this campaign really shows how collaborations can really benefit the fans – not just the brands.”

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