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Hate the iPhone X notch? There’s an app for that



Five days after the launch of the iPhone X, a new free app has been created for disgruntled smartphone users which allows them to disguise the now infamous notch on the latest iPhone.

Notcho uses wallpapers to enable users to soften out the edges of the black half oval which contains the smartphone’s crucial new Face ID technology. By adapting the wallpaper on the phone background, through Notcho, iPhone X users can effectively remove the notch and return the screen to resemble Apple’s more traditional curved aesthetic.

“Not a fan of the notch? Want to hide the horns? Now you can quickly and easily create wallpapers that hide the notch on your new iPhone X,” the app’s description states. “You can import any photos or images and then save a specially created image that can be set as a wallpaper in the Photos app that hides the notch at the top of the screen. Or you can choose from any of the wallpapers that ship free with the app.”

The app is now available on the App Store.


Image via Cromulent Labs