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Take a trip back to the 80s with Susan Sarandon in Justice’s new video


For Justice’s new video, the French duo have enlisted the services of director Pascal Teixeira and yes, believe your eyes, actress Susan Sarandon to dance along to their brilliant single, Fire.

The video takes you on a trip to a nostalgic American landscape, the open road, driving along with your pals in the sunshine, who are of course an effortlessly cool French electronic duo and an iconic actress. Pascal’s directorial style of shots saturated with beaming sunlight, reflected in sunglasses and the buffed bonnet of the car creates the ideal environment to listen to this uplifting song.

The car featured within the video has also sparked a youtube comment debate on whether it’s a 1984-85 Toyota Celica GT-S convertible or the similar, A60 Toyota Celica convertible. Susan Sarandon is dancing along to Justice, so divert your eyes from the motor.

When the gang aren’t driving around vacant landscape with the top down, naturally Susan is featured dancing along to Fire. The interweaving shots of the actress, the band and the landscape, are edited cohesively together so that the film never appears staged despite the names involved.


Justice: Fire (still)


Justice: Fire (still)


Justice: Fire (still)


Justice: Fire (still)


Justice: Fire (still)