French group Justice celebrate a decade of existence with an intriguingly interactive new website

23 August 2018

Despite it feeling like just yesterday since you strolled into HMV with a crisp ten pound note stuffed into the back of your obscenely skinny jeans, eleven entire years have flown past since you bought a copy of French dance duo Justice’s debut album . The shutter shades might have long been consigned to the bin, and you’ve not bought a record on Kitsuné Maison since the collapse of the Lehman Brothers, but the memories, oh the memories!

Ever since those heady bloghouse days, back when the world felt so much more colourful, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay have continued to plough a noisy, maximal furrow, releasing two follow-up records, and 2008’s Romain Gavras and So Me directed documentary A Cross the Universe. Because the first album was called .

To celebrate the fact they’ve kept on keeping up, Xavier and Gaspard have recruited Paris-based agency Digizik to create and craft a career-spanning virtual celebration of all things Justice. From the titular cross that has followed them across the universe, or at least the main stages of festivals from Texas to Timbuktu, through to that video for D.A.N.C.E. there’s always been a strong visual hook to the group.

Justice TV – as you’d expect with a name like Justice TV – features a veritable tranche of official videos, live material, filmed interviews, and fan-generated content, and even full orchestral renditions of various tunes from the Ed Banger back catalogue.

With “hidden” content said to be lurking around, anyone who ever clutched a double vodka and soda while “Genesis” blared out of the speakers at an indie disco could do worse than prodding around the site.

Oh, and remind yourself of just how fun “D.A.N.C.E.” is while you’re at it. Oh, and the lads have a new live album, Woman Worldwide out tomorrow.

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