Knom rebrands a Spanish film institution in order to stay relevant to the new generation

The Madrid-based design agency wanted to create “a graphic identity that had a strong typographic character but without neglecting the richness and qualities of the cinematographic imagination.”

2 November 2021


The Filmoteca Española, and its associated cinema in Madrid Cine Doré which appears in Pedro Almodovar’s Hable con ella, is the Spanish institution in charge of promoting and preserving Spain’s cinematographic heritage. When the Filmoteca needed a new graphic system in order to remain relevant and to connect with a younger audience, Knom was called on to create contemporary visual codes. A visual system that both respected the essence of the institution whilst aiming to take its communications one step further was the goal.

Knom developed the creative concept “The cinema that moves you,” and it sought to highlight the wide variety in the programming of Filmoteca Española and its work in the promotion of culture and cinema in Spain. “In order to achieve this,” the team tells It’s Nice That, “we created a very dynamic system that would allow for the creation of multiple compositions and design variants, thanks, for example, to the versatility of the colour palette. Above all, we strived for an identity with a very fresh character, which would help Filmoteca reach new, younger audiences.”

Knom also updated the logo by refining the Filmoteca’s original spiral in the symbol and increasing the thickness of the stroke. “The former communications lacked uniformity and character, which is why we sought for an identity with a strong and recognisable personality,” continues the team. “The symbol within the logo, however, was already well known and also fitted perfectly with our concept. We wanted to retain that connection with the previous brand and the Filmoteca’s history, so we simply updated and improved the symbol and the typography within the logo for its reproduction across all media.” The former typographic treatment was replaced for a bolder and taller sans-serif, which the team believe gives a more contemporary and functional choice for reproduction in all media.

The challenge for the design team was to develop a system that would allow for the creation of multiple communication pieces in very different formats while retaining visual coherence, so an adaptable layout system was created meaning it would fit all formats without losing its identity.

“We were mainly inspired by film negatives and the way they move during the projection,” explain Knom’s design team of the inspiration for their reimagining. “We brought this characteristic movement into the identity by vertically repeating and offsetting the design elements in the communication pieces.” The new branding lives across digital assets, marketing assets, merchandise, print and OOH.

GalleryKnom: The Filmoteca Española rebrand (Copyright © The Filmoteca Española, 2021)

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Knom: The Filmoteca Española rebrand (Copyright © The Filmoteca Española, 2021)

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