The new Eurotunnel LeShuttle logo represents an efficient journey

Landor & Fitch has ushered LeShuttle into a sleeker era, using ligatures and motion design to highlight the speed of the service.

12 May 2023

It’s the largest refresh in 30 years for LeShuttle, the Channel Tunnel service that carries passengers by rail, as well as conveying road vehicles, like cars and campervans. If you didn’t know that you could travel through the Channel Tunnel by car, you’re not alone. In fact, the rebrand hinges on consumer data highlighting the confusion that exists around the service, particularly for Gen-Z and millennials. “There are generations of travellers born after the Channel Tunnel’s opening who are more familiar with flying than self-drive,” explains a release from Landor & Fitch, the agency behind the work.

The operator of the Channel Tunnel, Getlink, initiated the redesign ahead of the 30-year anniversary of Eurotunnel Le Shuttle – now just, LeShuttle. The aim was to re-establish the brand as a relevant and unique form of low-carbon transport. But Landor & Fitch also wanted to remove the hassle that many people associate with travelling.


Landor & Fitch: LeShuttle (Copyright © Getlink, 2023)

It’s an understated look, but that’s the goal. Landor & Fitch removes all extraneous details from the previous logo, embracing futuristic simplicity. A series of ligatures reflect the ease of connections, while the eyes of both ‘E’s represent point A and B of travel (entering and leaving the Channel Tunnel). Rounded bowls have been introduced to represent care and sharp corners to emphasise speed.

Meanwhile, the wider identity attempts to separate itself from traditional train services, using brand photography which appears user-generated and details which centre on “evoking emotion”. The colour palette has also been shifted away from the “nationalistic identity to predominantly black and white with hints of purple”.

The new design is part of a strategy to rethink the Channel Tunnel experience over the next decade.

GalleryLandor & Fitch: LeShuttle (Copyright © Getlink, 2023)

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Landor & Fitch: LeShuttle (Copyright © Getlink, 2023)

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