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Lithuanian magazine prints blank issue in protest of arts funding cuts


A prominent Lithuanian literature and arts journal, Literatura ir Menas, which was first established in 1946, has released its latest issue as a blank document in protest of cuts to art funding. The magazine is empty of content, except for a black border, a black mourning ribbon on the front page and the magazine’s logo.

According to The Baltic Times, the editor-in-chief of Literatura ir Menas, Gytis Norvilas, announced: "This is our sign of protest, because the money allocated to us by the Press, Radio and Television Support Fund is not enough to publish the magazine. We received 14,000 euros less than last year.” The Baltic Times also reported that 1 million euros are required to ensure the production and distribution of cultural publications, but that the Press, Radio and Television Support Fund supply only half of the sum. The council has defended its decision, stating that they support 33 cultural projects, three up from last year’s 30.