Publisher Wonderbly rebrands with a more impactful logo for its book covers

Since 2012, Wonderbly has carved a name for itself in personalised publishing. Now, Lovework simplifies its crown logo and makes it more “attractive and visible”.

2 August 2023

Lovework Studio, a newly launched remote work branding studio in Australia, has just delivered a rebrand for Wonderbly, the fast-growing publisher which also carries out reports. If you’re yet to see Wonderbly’s latest releases, the publisher has been expanding beyond its original offering of personalised children’s books into books for adults, too. In turn, Lovework has been brought on to build a brand which would flex across all these new ventures.

At the core of the previous Wonderbly brand was a paper crown logo which folded in on itself when viewed in motion. But this version wasn’t always impactful and, “on the technical side”, the separate wordmark and crown symbol made it “tricky to read on its wonderfully illustrated covers,” the studio says. Lovework has kept the paper crown, which symbolises how Wonderbly can turn readers into the “hero of their own story”, but flattened it and added rounded corners for approachability.

The wordmark now appears inside the crown itself, with the contrast between the two harnessed to optimise readability. Creating a sense of familiarity was important with the new shape. “The geometric letterforms have eccentric widths and exaggerated angles that link to the edges of the crown and have a nostalgic quality,” says the studio.


Lovework Studio: Wonderbly (Copyright © Lovework Studio, 2023)

But with Wonderbly moving into books for grown-ups too, the brand would surely be faced with the classic toss up between catering for kids or adults. But, Lovework has managed to make visuals you might typically associate with a younger demographic more universal. For example, paper cut-out shapes – often a mark of naivety – are used to suggest presents and wrapping paper, as Wonderbly often places importance on the feeling its customers get when receiving a book and discovering themselves in the pages. In motion, these shapes come alive by bouncing and snapping to represent the action of personalising a Wonderbly book.

Lovework chose two typefaces from Out of the Dark for the project. “We picked RZA for its blobby inkiness, like the impressions left by an old typewriter tapping out literary masterpieces. Atak is the more straightforward partner of the pair that makes sure every ‘i’ has a title.”

The overall hope is that the project will solidify the publisher’s warm, playful tone of voice going forward. As Lovework puts it, “the Wonderbly voice is the adult in the room that everyone can relate to, including kids”.

GalleryLovework Studio: Wonderbly (Copyright © Lovework Studio, 2023)

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Lovework Studio: Wonderbly (Copyright © Lovework Studio, 2023)

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