This short film by Lynette Nylander and Margot Bowman challenges harassment in clubs

27 June 2018

Produced in collaboration with Boiler Room, Common Misconceptions is a film about micro aggressions in nightclub culture – brought to life through a woman protagonist’s fictional night out. The script is an adaption of an article from the cult zine Rave Ethics created by Netherlands-based Catherine Hilgers, who says that the zine was originally inspired by a quote from unlikely club policy source, Oprah. Her quote, "Take responsibility for the energy you bring into the space” was reappropriated with the club space in mind, and Nyander and Bowman extend this idea in their video, laying responsibility at the feet at all those clubbers that enter the rave,

The four minute animation is a sharp look into a Saturday night in a club from getting “dry humped” on the dance floor to getting accosted at a bar then told to ‘“cheer up love” in a taxi home.

The short is directed by filmmaker Margot Bowman and written and narrated by journalist Lynette Nylander who gives “common Saturday night scenarios” in a explainer-style. They include quotes like, “You think you’re chatting me up but…you’re actually pissing me off” and distinct text details that read rallying slogans saying things like “Promoters be responsible for the experience you create”.

The film was launched last night at the Mayor’s office and you can watch it below.

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