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Margaret Calvert collaborates with Mickey Mouse on new road safety signs


Margaret Calvert/Disney Junior

One’s a beloved design icon who changed the face of the 20th century. The other’s Mickey Mouse. Together they’ve combined forces to teach children how to cross the road properly.

Margaret Calvert, the legendary designer who was given an OBE in 2016 in recognition of her services to both road safety and typography, has been tapped up by Disney and British charity, Brake, to produce a new series of education aids that use her genuinely iconic 1950s and 60s road sign work as the basis for the new campaign.

The veteran designer has taken cues from Mickey and the Roadster Racers a smash hit amongst petrol-headed preschoolers over on the Disney Junior channel. Margaret is reported as saying: “The Mickey and the Roadster Racers inspired designs are a fun take on my original ‘children crossing’ signs, which I hope will help teach young children important lessons of the road.”

The designer goes onto describe working with Brake and Disney Junior as “an enjoyable challenge,” noting that “by using such recognisable characters I hope they help to capture the attention of children, and parents too.”

The Mickey’n’Minnie featuring signs will be released alongside new guides we’re told are being “distributed to nurseries, schools and parents” across the UK in an attempt to better educate the nation’s children about the dangers of the road, while simultaneously imploring drivers to be conscious of the need to slow down around schools and nurseries.


Margaret Calvert/Disney Junior


Margaret Calvert/Disney Junior


Margaret Calvert/Disney Junior


Margaret Calvert/Disney Junior