WePresent and Marina Abramović invite visitors to journey through the artist’s time-capsule

The pioneering artist known for her conceptual performance work is to invite the public to immerse themselves in five pieces that have inspired her life and practice.

11 August 2021

What five objects would you choose to keep in a time capsule? For Marina Abramović, a Susan Sontag essay and the Rose of Jericho (“resurrection plant” steeped in legend) are just a couple of the objects that make the cut.

A trailblazing woman often hailed as “the most famous performance artist”, Abramović is now offering visitors a more intimate delve into some objects and experiences that have sparked inspiration within her decades of work; five objects which Marina Abramović finds crucial in preserving for the future.

Traces, a free and immersive experience, is being held at the Old Truman Brewery for only three days, in collaboration with WePresent. The show aims to make each piece an experience within itself akin to a time-capsule and promises to be one of a multimedia sensory nature. As well as the physical show, visitors will be allowed to view the experience online, available worldwide.

There will be rooms for each object or idea. The Rose of Jericho aims to demonstrate Abramović’s faith in “the power of life”, whilst Van Gogh’s Starry Night hopes to reflect her understanding of the universe. The installation will conclude in an interview with Abramović recorded for the show. The five objects the artist has chosen, she believes “we have to preserve for the future”. She calls The Rose of Jericho an “astounding natural delight” whilst she regards Susan Sontag’s essay, Regarding the Pain of Others, as crucial. And she is looking forward to having the public be able to experience her Crystal Cinema and 10,000 Stars.

Traces signifies the sum of WePresent’s year-long collaboration with the artist where she was a guest curator, spotlighting five emerging performance artists for the site, and her digital manifestation of The Abramović Method displayed on WeTransfer. Abramović states her gratitude to WePresent, the digital arts platform, for always being “willing to look at new interpretations” of her work and passions.

The show will run from the 10–12 September, with free tickets available from the 18 August with limited capacity.

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Marina Abramovic (Copyright © Reto Guntli, 2016)

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