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Marshmallow Laser Feast’s designs explore “the future of nightlife” in London


Design studio Marshmallow Laser Feast has created an installation that explores “the future of nightlife.” The piece, #ElectrikLondon, was created in partnership with Absolut and uses virtual reality to transform London’s Bankside Vaults into a space of multiple immersive elements. Electronic music collective R&S Records has created music that influences how people will move through the space’s three rooms, which are also wrapped in LED projections. These react to sound and “mood,” according to the organisers. They add: “Virtual reality headsets will transport guests into another dimension, transforming perceptions of nightlife, and raising questions of reality in the digital age.”

The installation is in place on the evening of 19 November. Click here for more information.


Marshmallow Laser Feast: Optical Fibres


Marshmallow Laser Feast: Optical Fibres


Marshmallow Laser Feast: Virtual Reality