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Matt Groening’s new show Disenchantment is available to watch on Netflix right now


Matt Groening: Disenchantment

Given the recent dip in the weather you’ve probably shelved plans for days in the lido and evenings spent cremating a six pack of Linda McCartney’s finest on a disposable barbecue, and now you’re at a loss for how to fill the void that optimists call “the weekend”.

Luckily, streaming behemoth Netflix has thrown all of us an animated lifeline in the shape of Matt Groening’s long-awaited Disenchantment which has landed on the service in full this morning.

Having skewered suburban America and deep space, the man who gave the world Hans Moleman has decided to transport us to a crumbling medieval kingdom known as Dreamland.

Featuring the vocal talents of Eric Andre, Matt Berry, and longterm Matt Groening collaborator Billy West, the fantasy-leaning sitcom has been described by the New York Times as having “a more earnest and straightforward style of storytelling,” than fans of Groening’s previous shows may be accustomed to.

All ten episodes of the first season of the adult-orientated series – which was animated by Rough Draft Studios, the team responsible for Groening’s previous much-loved TV show Futurama – are available for your viewing pleasure right now.