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Animator Matthieu Braccini creates 15 hypnotic GIFs for McDonald’s France


Matthieu Braccini and TBWA\Paris for McDonald’s France

Combining two of the most addictive things on the planet – fast food and GIFs – motion designer Matthieu Braccini has created a series of 15 looped animations celebrating the Egg McMuffin for McDonald’s France.

Masterminded by ad agency TBWA\Paris, the 15 animated GIFs are an imaginative take on how Egg McMuffins are made. Strips of bacon wiggle down some stairs, buns are split by a decorative slicer, then toasted by a slot machine. Ball-like yolks roll through egg whites, while a fan blows strips of cheese into the perfect spot in the centre of the bun.

The animations were made using Cinema 4D and rendered in Redshift. “Extra care was given to textures and physics, to properly convey the softness, roundness, smooth and silky aspect of the product,” a spokesperson for TBWA\Paris told Adweek about the making of the GIFs. “We chose infinite loops as a format to further enhance the soothing and hypnotising effect of the animations.”

The spots were created to celebrate the launch of McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu in France and are hosted on an Egg McMuffin microsite, also built by TBWA\Paris. The campaign follows a strong creative year for the fast-food giant, in which it was rebranded by Turner Duckworth, launched a spoof clothing brand to accompany its new Spicy Chicken McNuggets, and even developed a restaurant for bees.


Matthieu Braccini and TBWA\Paris for McDonald’s France


Matthieu Braccini and TBWA\Paris for McDonald’s France


Matthieu Braccini and TBWA\Paris for McDonald’s France