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McDonald’s launches new packaging designed by UK agency Boxer


McDonald’s has announced its new, simplified packaging designed by branding agency Boxer. Bold, chunky type in bright colours has been emblazoned on the paper and card containers alongside the brand’s signature golden arches logo.

The process involved McDonald’s pulling together a team of designers from several agencies, including Leo Burnett in Germany, DDB Hong Kong, Landini in Australia and Boxer from the UK. After a week, the final designs were given to Boxer (McDonald’s lead packaging consultancy), who worked them up into the final packaging. 

“The new look is simple, fresh and consistent with the company’s vision to be a modern and progressive burger company," says McDonald’s.

The accompanying campaign includes fashion accessories created by two students from Miami International University of Art and Design. The collection was created in 48 hours and includes straw-spiked shoes, handbags, a sun hat and a backpack. 

The updated bags, cups and sandwich boxes are currently being rolled out in the US this month and will spread to global locations throughout 2016.


McDonald’s new packaging


McDonald’s new packaging


McDonald’s new packaging


McDonald’s new packaging


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