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Microsoft Paint plans to be removed in upcoming Windows update

Today (24 July 2017) marks the possible beginning of the end for Microsoft Paint. A tool many the budding graphic designer, illustrator or artist had their first digital mark-making steps within, the programme may not be available in the next Windows 10 update.

A fixture programme on Windows since 1985, Paint has been a consistent and reliable design companion to many the designer for doodles, initial experiments or just using the spray can to design type for a birthday card. However, as Microsoft tried to improve Paint, its initial charm and skill was lost, as the simplicity of the tools tried to expand to include 3D image tools and editing in its most recent version.

Regardless, the termination of MS Paint after being a nostalgic and helpful friend, by your side for the past 32 years, is still disappointing news. But like all good things, and with an abundance of possibly more applicable creative programmes to use, it appears its legacy is coming to an end.