Milton Glaser’s last project We Win Together pops up in America’s skies, cropfields, billboards and more

The campaign led by Glaser and built by a group of creative activists is urging unity ahead of one of the most polarising moments in the country’s political history.

2 November 2020


All eyes are on the US with election day tomorrow (3 November) and while candidates make one final push for votes, a grassroots nonpartisan initiative started by Milton Glaser called We Win Together is promoting unity, hoping to bring people together at this divisive time. The Together word mark, designed by Glaser, is intended to evoke the vibrancy and diversity of the American public, comprised of closely aligned but eclectic letterforms in varying sizes, styles and surface pattern.

Glaser began the project in response to current events, inspired by the phrase ‘we’re all in this together’ and hoping to remind people “we have something in common,” he told The New York Times ahead of his death in June. “[The phrase] has been reiterated a thousand times, but you can create the symbolic equivalent of that phrase by just using the word “together,” and then making those letters [look] as though they are all different, but all related,” he told Jeremy Elias.

Now a creative collective is picking up the mantle, showing the word mark in prominent and unexpected places across the country, hoping to encourage positivity, community and empathy amid a polarised and tense political climate. There are billboards, live mural paintings and nighttime video projections of the word mark and videos inspired by the movement; there are also banners being flown on airplanes across 48 states showing the word “Together” and crop art revealing the word letter-by-letter on an epic scale, starting in Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska.

Charlie Haykel, one of the group’s collaborators and an established producer whose credits include Super Bowl halftime shows and the Emmys, said in a statement: “I think a key to America’s success and strength as a nation springs from our unique-in-the-world belief that anything is possible. At this moment in our history, we can choose to let our differences weaken us, or we can draw energy from them and realise something far greater for all.”

Find out more about the initiative on its website and Instagram, and buy merch including pin badges, T-shirts and lawn signs via its shop.

Gallery© We Win Together, 2020. Logo design by Milton Glaser.

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© We Win Together, 2020. Logo design by Milton Glaser.

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