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MultiAdaptor provides a brand refresh for Campus – Google’s network of co-working spaces


London-based agency MultiAdaptor has unveiled a global brand refresh for Campus – Google’s network of co-working and event spaces in London, Madrid, Warsaw, São Paulo, Seoul, and Tel Aviv. The design was developed in collaboration between MultiAdaptor, the Campus team and local managers and has been rolled out to coincide with the fifth anniversary of Campus London.

The new identity has been implemented across the entire brand including its social media channels, signage, welcome packs, website consultancy, merchandise, marketing materials and more.

“The Campus brand captures the startup mindset of its members — a spontaneous, DIY aesthetic, but purposefully structured and crafted. Bold, brave and eclectic, but carefully considered and sophisticated,” says MultiAdaptor. “Typography, image style and colour palette are all designed to capture the ‘spirit of startup’, while allowing Campus communications to constantly refresh and reinvent, without diluting the core DNA.

This flexible toolkit enables locations, programmes or events to be grouped together so that they are clearly distinguishable, and relevant to their context. we’ve created a big ideas brand for big ideas businesses. But with a democratic feel, that uses a tactile DIY aesthetic to invite participation.”


MultiAdaptor: Google Campus Logo


MultiAdaptor: Google Campus brand expressions


MultiAdaptor: Google Campus flyposters


MultiAdaptor: Google Campus printed materials


MultiAdaptor: Google Campus toolkit


MultiAdaptor: Google Campus posters


MultiAdaptor: Google Campus


MultiAdaptor: Google Campus


MultiAdaptor: Google Campus before/after