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“More room. More stories. More voices”: Netflix launches new campaign celebrating inclusivity and diversity

Streaming giant Netflix wants to see an increased level in diversity amongst the writers, directors, actors, and producers who fill the online platform with content.

Uzo Aduba – who plays Suzanne Warren in Orange is the New Black, one of the service’s stand-out original series’ – stars in an advert released over the weekend which seeks to inspire new talent to bring their stories to the home of Chef’s Table, Making a Murderer and about a billion stand-up specials by comedians most of us have never heard of.

Make Room is intended to be a clarion call for the creation of a more inclusive, diverse, and welcoming portion of the creative industries. "More room. More stories. More voices,” is the motto.

Highlighting the work that Netflix has done to date to push diverse talent to a mainstream audience, Make Room suggests that the company doesn’t just talk the inclusive talk – it walks a diverse media walk, too.