Netflix temporarily rebrands as Streamberry for Black Mirror launch

From changing its name on social platforms to launching a fake, interactive site, Netflix is hammering home its starring role within the new season.

21 June 2023


The sixth season of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror is here, and Netflix has turned a plot point from episode one into a promotional campaign.

Without revealing too much if you’ve yet to catch up, episode one of season six features a fictional streaming platform called Streamberry. In Joan Is Awful, a person called Joan finds out Streamberry has produced an entire show based on her life, after she unwittingly signs over the rights to her data by signing the app’s terms and conditions. While Black Mirror might be taking aim at how streaming giants like its host site approach content, Netflix is emphasising the comparison further to promote the series.

Besides changing its name and logo on social channels like Twitter, Netflix has launched a fake streaming website for Streamberry ( Visitors heading to the site are asked to enter their name and upload a photo of themselves – in a stunning instance of life imitating art, by entering your photo, you consent to Netflix using your image as part of its marketing campaigns, so be forewarned. Users are then taken to the Streamberry homepage, where a personalised series of Joan Is Awful is streaming, featuring you.

Netflix is no stranger to using left-field marketing campaigns to promote Black Mirror; for the launch of Bandersnatch, a series of fake shops called Tucker’s Newsagent and Games popped up throughout the UK.


Netflix: Black Mirror, Streamberry (Copyright © Netflix via, 2023)

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Netflix: Black Mirror, Streamberry (Copyright © Netflix via, 2023)

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