Bose’s first animated campaign by Niceshit demonstrates its “audio-first” AR range

Animation studio Niceshit made a slick short for the audio brand, using line-drawn characters and scenery that take the focus away from glossy product shots.

6 December 2019

Audio brand Bose has released its first animated campaign, made by Barcelona-based animation studio Niceshit with its production partner Jelly London, to promote its foray into augmented reality. The short demonstrates the brand's "audio-first" Bose AR product range, which includes glasses and headphones with motion sensors that detect head orientation and body movement while you wear them, then – via Bose AR apps, and location data on your phone – offer tailored audio content.

Using a slick, line-drawn aesthetic in black and white, made frame by frame, Niceshit has created a pared-back film that aims to channel the "audio-first" concept and highlight the sound. Bar the initial animations showing 3D visualisations of the products, the products are not the focus for the film. Instead, the animation focuses on the experiences offered by the range, and the adventures that unfold when liberated from looking at a screen. We travel with a skateboarder, whose clever specs help them navigate their journey by telling him when to turn right. Then, a golfer, whose Bose devices act as a virtual caddy to improve his game.

The animation style also aligns itself with Bose's branding, in a different way to previous glossy photography-led campaigns. The monochromatic and simple design conveys the sharp and clean sound the products are known for, says Niceshit creative director Guido Lambertini.

"For this teaser, we wanted to continue on with the finesse and stylishness of their existing campaigns," he says, "and deliver a flowing, clean, and elegant graphic style, with seamless transitions to guide the viewer along this one-minute journey."

Explore more of the making of the ad, and some unused frames, here. Niceshit recently wrote for It's Nice That about what to do with the projects that never happen, after lots of work for a big tech company was sent to the Creative Graveyard.

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