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Gorillaz’s new video is a Nicos Livesey-assisted psychedelic head-turner


Gorillaz: Tranz

Animator Nicos Livesey is known for his painstaking stop-motion animations for clients such as the BBC and Adidas, so maybe it isn’t too surprising that everyone’s favourite animated group Gorillaz have tapped him up to work the video for the latest single Tranz. The result is a psychedelic digital animation that stimulates the senses through seamlessly smooth editing and psychoactive, fluorescent backgrounds. The flowing visuals that distort yet heighten our viewing pleasure mirror the electronic tempo of yet another massive hit for Gorillaz.

Directed by Jamie Hewlett and animated by Brunch, the video is reminiscent of fuzzy-edged, 90s cartoons like Yu-Gi-Oh or Totally Spies; adding nostalgia to the list of other funk-oriented feelings experienced through viewing Tranz. Despite the fact the video was only released yesterday, Tranz has racked up over 1.5 million views bringing Gorillaz’s new album The Now Now into the spotlight.

Oh, and not to brag but we’ve been big fans of Nicos for a while now – he was one of our Ones the Watch in 2017, and we’ve even had him down to talk at Nicer Tuesdays.