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Oneohtrix Point Never releases disturbing duo of videos directed by Daylen Seu and Nate Boyce


Daniel Lopatin is better known as Oneohtrix Point Never, and it’s under that guise that he’s been one of the most consistently interesting, intriguing, and innovative electronic music producers of the past decade or so.

The Warp-signed act has always ensured that his eerie and evocative releases are combined with suitably strange aesthetic accompaniments, including various collaborations with graphic designer David Rudnick.

One of Daniel’s other regular working partners, Last Renaissance member Nate Boyce, has provided new visuals for We’ll Take It, a grim, grinding, and gruesome cut from Age Of, the latest LP from Oneohtrix. Sitting somewhere between Spyro the Dragon and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Nate’s video is a suitably, and viscerally, ugly companion to one of Daniel’s more confrontational tracks of recent years.

The New York-based musician also released a Daylen Seu animated video for Age Of track The Station. While it might be slightly less of a sensorial overload than We’ll Take It, Daylen’s work still explores what Daniel describes as “the excess/bondage cusp.”

Watch both videos below.