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Pantone works with Jessica Walsh, Pentagram and Chip Kidd on new graphic design colours launch


Chip Kidd: Pantone

Pantone has launched 112 new colours for graphic design, celebrating the additions to its now 1,867-strong range by collaborating with designers including Sagmeister & Walsh partner Jessica Walsh, Pentagram partner Eddie Opara and book cover designer Chip Kidd.

According to Pantone, the new colours are “relevant and expected for contemporary packaging,” and have an “emphasis on specific colour ranges derived from market requests.” The selected creatives were commissioned by the brand to each design a piece of work that uses only the 112 new colours. You can see them talking about the project on the Pantone site here.

The project was created in collaboration with Janine Rewell and Umberto Daina.


Pantone Colour Bridge


Eddie Opara: Pantone


Jessica Walsh: Pantone