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Peter Saville unleashes gym-ready collection for Uniqlo


Peter Saville/Uniqlo (Via Uniqlo)

Just last week, highly esteemed graphic designer Peter Saville was seen strutting his stuff on the catwalk in Florence, making his runway debut as part of the Salvatore Ferragamo SS20 show. Now he’s readying himself to launch a new collaboration with Uniqlo.

The last time the Manchester man found his work adorning the heaving shelves of the Japanese high street retailer was in 2009 when they partnered to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man.

Functional activewear is the name of the game in 2019, with Saville producing a series of polo shirts, light jackets, and leggings all of which will garner envious looks from the other design-conscious gym-goers hovering by the PowerPlate for a quick core workout.

That’s not to say that this swirl-heavy assemblage of garments is strictly for pumping iron in. In fact, as the days continue to draw out — even if we’re still having to pop a pac-a-mac in our rucksacks for safety — we can see ourselves donning some of this gear as we gear up for another evening of discussing Rory Stewart’s chances in the Tory leadership race in punishing detail.

If the campaign photography is to be believed, they’ll also be great for those days when you just want to amble around the Barbican with a couple of camera-toting pals for company.

The full Peter Saville range hits the brand’s Japanese branches early next week (24 June) with a European release forthcoming.


Peter Saville/Uniqlo (Via Uniqlo)


Peter Saville/Uniqlo (Via Uniqlo)


Peter Saville/Uniqlo (Via Uniqlo)