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Petra Collins directs a soft focus Selena Gomez for Fetish video


Artist Petra Collins has directed Selena Gomez’ latest video Fetish, a brazenly pared-back, glossy and soft-focus film showing just the singer’s mouth. Relying purely on a single shot, the video’s dreamy allure comes from its details: the twinkle of her earring, the sheen of her lip gloss, the movement of her lips and, occasionally, her manicured fingers. It accompanies the sultry track, which also features trap god Gucci Mane.

Petra recently curated an evening at New York’s MoMA, exploring the representation of the female body in contemporary and historical culture, including music. The filmmaker and photographer also previously shot Selena’s Bad Liar artwork, showing the singer lying on a bed wearing a hospital bracelet, as well as for Wonderland’s 10th anniversary cover in 2015.

She’s also directed videos for Carly Rae Jepsen and Lil Yachty, plus fashion films for Gucci Eyewear and Nordstrom. One of Petra’s earlier photo series, for which she became known for, is The Teenage Gaze, a personal project depicting the realities of youth.


Petra Collins: Fetish for Selena Gomez


Petra Collins: Fetish for Selena Gomez


Petra Collins: Fetish for Selena Gomez


Petra Collins: Bad Liar photos for Selena Gomez


Petra Collins: Bad Liar photos for Selena Gomez


Petra Collins: MoMA


Petra Collins: Selena Gomez for Wonderland


Petra Collins: Teenage Gaze