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Pizza Hut unveils playable pizza box DJ decks by Novalia

Technology design studio Novalia has created a pizza box that doubles as a playable set of DJ decks for fast food chain Pizza Hut. The cardboard box folds out to reveal a set of decks printed in conductive ink, which can be used to mix tracks across two turntables.

It connects via Bluetooth to a phone or laptop and syncs to DJ apps to allow users to bring in their own music. The touch-sensitive controls feature a cross-fader, volume and pitch controls and cue buttons.

Rinse FM’s DJ Vectra demonstrates the cardboard decks in a video released by Pizza Hut. Only five boxes will be given away in UK restaurants, via clues on Twitter.


Novalia: Pizza Hut DJ decks pizza box


Novalia: Pizza Hut DJ decks pizza box