A revamp for Homa takes game development in a more surreal visual direction

Ragged Edge’s identity for Homa – a platform for mobile game development – feels plugged into the very worlds users can create with the platform.

9 February 2023

The latest from London agency Ragged Edge is a new identity for Homa, previously Homa games. It’s one of a couple of leading game development platforms which, after a recent funding injection, is expanding its offering for creators, allowing them to use data to test mobile game ideas and speed up their development. In line with Homa’s expansion, Ragged Edge has developed an identity that “re-engineer[s] the brand from the inside out,” a press release explains. Ragged Edge also teamed up with design studio Visual Citizens for visuals on the Homa project.

At this intersection for the brand, Ragged Edge reflects: “To succeed they needed to position themselves as an ally for independent game developers.” The aim was “to transform millions of gamers from fans of Homa’s games, to fans of Homa itself”.

It makes sense then that the agency incorporates a range of visuals one might associate with the Gen-Z gaming landscape. On the one hand, Ragged Edge introduces immersive 3D backgrounds – created by Visual Citizens with artistic direction from the Ragged Edge team. According to Ragged Edge, the concept was to suggest a “data-fuelled wonderland”. These surreal landscapes are paired with blockier characters which nod to gaming apps, but are specific to the Homa platform. An “electric” pink palette feels reminiscent of a luminescent gaming desk set-up.

The new Homa logo uses a strict grid system to suggest precision and symmetry, “as if it was created by an algorithm”, says the agency. The case study surmises: “The imagery used is surreal and futuristic, while the bright and electric primary pink of the brand identity similarly bridges the gap between techy and creative.”

“The new brand enables Homa to expand its democratisation of game development. By allowing individual creators of mobile games a fighting chance to compete with the big gaming studios, the platform is changing the industry,” says Max Ottignon, co-founder of Ragged Edge. With the new identity, brand strategy and website, Ragged Edge aims to create a framework for Homa’s expanding software development kit, as well as the more than 80 games the platform has published so far.

GalleryRagged Edge: Homa (Copyright © Homa, 2023)

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Ragged Edge: Homa (Copyright © Homa, 2023)

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