Ragged Edge explores new ways to design for wellbeing with Unmind rebrand

The refresh for the wellness platform places a focus on UX, featuring additions like mood trackers within a warm interface.

28 April 2023

“It is easy to get mental health and wellbeing wrong because it is so emotional and personal,” says Ben Shaw, VP of brand and marketing at the wellbeing platform Unmind. Designing a space that makes a variety of people want to talk about their mental health is therefore hugely difficult. Perhaps even more difficult, is creating a brand like this for a workplace, an area which often isn’t structured to bring about positive changes to wellbeing.

London design agency Ragged Edge recently faced this task in a rebrand for Unmind, a data-driven workplace platform that uses interactive courses, tracking and other tools to help manage mental health. The new brand hinges upon the concept of creating a UI which is based on statistics and measurable change that also feels human.

Ragged Edge points to colour as being hugely important in this. A bold yellow provides a foundation for the brand and a broad secondary colour palette is uses to demonstrate the wide range of moods and emotional states the platform helps to measure. Meanwhile, a sloping logotype has been hand-crafted “to combine human warmth with credibility”, says the agency. The new brand also features campaign-style typography that aims to celebrate open discussions around mental health.

“We needed to create a brand that stands up for people on an individual level and challenges perceptions on an institutional level,” Ragged Edge explains further. Co-founder Max Ottignon adds: “In a category that tends to offer sticking plaster solutions, Unmind offers a holistic and genuinely transformational approach. So we framed the brand around a movement for change. It invites employers and employees to unite around the belief that work can and should be good for your mental health.”

GalleryRagged Edge: Unmind (Copyright © Ragged Edge, 2023)

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Ragged Edge: Unmind (Copyright © Ragged Edge, 2023)

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