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NB Studio rebrands Ravensbourne with a modern twist on the university crest


NB Studio has produced a full rebrand of London arts college Ravensbourne’s identity, as part of an ongoing campaign for the college towards becoming an independent University with degree-awarding capabilities.

The key brand motif, born from the notion of a minimalistic modern university crest, takes the form of a frame. The borders can be opened up and resized as required, and the aspect may be changed or the lines distorted to accommodate and display a variety of content.

Two corner markers which flank the box top-left and bottom-right, which the studio explains “sets up a system that joyfully showcases the work”, draws the eye to the variety of work produced by the students at the college featured both within and beyond the borders.

Typographer Kostas Bartsokas has contributed a new typeface developed especially for the Ravensbourne brand. The sans-serif typeface, distinct but not unlike Johnston or Gill Sans, ties in closely with the bold weighting, form and flexibility of the rest of the brand identity.

In response to the central notion, “What does a creative University look like?”, NB Studio elected to produce a full redesign of the Ravensbourne identity, rather than a simple refresh, to progress the institution brand away from “an iconic building and more about the unique character of what goes on here,” moving to communicate the college’s considerable offerings. A solitary initial ‘R’ is often employed, announcing it as the place for such creative ideas to flourish.

Ravensbourne was founded as Bromley School of Art in 1878 and has a long history of reinvention, merging with departments from Beckenham School of Art in 1959, later rebranding itself as Ravensbourne College of Design. This rebrand forms part of the campaign towards raising awareness for the contributions of the institution, its students and alumni, and securing a university charter.


NB Studio: Ravensbourne rebrand


NB Studio: Ravensbourne rebrand


NB Studio: Ravensbourne rebrand


NB Studio: Ravensbourne rebrand


NB Studio: Ravensbourne rebrand