Inspired by the sound of inflated balloons, this contact lens identity is spherical and fresh

Kilala, the leading coloured contact lens brand in China, calls in ReflexDesign for a bubbly overhaul of “a complicated product range”.

11 August 2022

Kilala is a company with tight ties to “fashion trends”, ReflexDesign, the Shanghai-Xiamen-based studio explain. Therefore, it was in need of a brand that could “maintain the creativity” that each product enables for its wearer. Kilala is a contact lens company but it also sells hyaluronic acid products meaning the identity, while digitally-facing, needed to flex across a wide range of packaging.

The “Kilala [project] had a fast turnaround and a complicated product range”, ReflexDesign tells us. Before the studio was bought in, its visuals and packaging differed dramatically from collection to collection, culminating in a “weak” visual identity overall, the studio recounts. However, rather than trying to introduce uniform branding across a huge product range, ReflexDesign has introduced numerous styles, united by an overall fresh, bubbly feel – and some intriguing reference points.

The Hyaluronic acid collection takes its cue from sound more than visuals. “The bubbly font we designed for the Poompoom Hyaluronic acid collection was inspired by onomatopoeia”, says ReflexDesign. Specifically, that squeaky, rubbery sound you get when you pick up fully inflated balloons – a Marmite experience that can divide guests at even the most harmonious birthday party. This inflatable quality also gives an impression of the elasticity and hydration Kilala’s hyaluronic acid is capable of adding to its users complexion. Another element of the product line was a fruit themed contact lens collection. For this, ReflexDesign draws inspiration from the bright colour gradients of summer cocktails, showcasing the coloured contact lenses as fruit shaped slices on packaging.

While these fun concepts pop up intermittently throughout, ReflexDesign has introduced some overarching signatures. “As a coloured contact lens brand, the eye is the key without question,” says the studio. The thin, light sheen of contact lenses can be spotted throughout the whole identity, whether in the glossy curve of a planetary ring or in the aforementioned bubbly font. To introduce the eye itself into the equation, ReflexDesign reflected on how people look at things. “At the beginning of this project, we found that people’s gesture for framing happened to be by making two ‘L’s using both of their hands. Coincidentally, there are also two ‘L’s in the name of Kilala so we decided to have this kind of layout using double ‘L’s to surround the box for the visual alignment in the packaging.”

ReflexDesign has modularised information on all packaging layouts so that the brand logo, collection name and icons form a hierarchy of three levels. Side icons offer further explanation and serve to create an “aligned packaging standard” across all products. With this approach, ReflexDesign hopes to simulate an “intuitive shopping experience”, no matter what product a customer has their eye on.

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ReflexDesign: Kilala (Copyright © Kilala, 2022)

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