Rick and Morty's Jerry Smith has just been hired as a creative director

No, you’re not going mad. Yes, you did read that right. In a perfectly fitting absurd fashion, Morty’s dad has just been hired as ad agency DDB FTW’s creative director.

1 September 2021

So apparently being a fictional character is more favourable than being a university graduate when it comes to getting a job. Joining the ranks of creative directors with little to no experience (see; Molly-Mae, Lady Gaga…) is Jerry Smith, the father of Morty and son-in-law of Rick from the Adult Swim animated show Rick and Morty.

The announcement came by way of a LinkedIn update. DDB FTW – an advertising agency network launched by DDB dedicated to gaming and e-sports – made the announcement: “To produce unexpected work, we need unexpected talent. Let us introduce our new creative director Jerry Smith who joined our global team today. Jerry is the creative behind a legendary campaign ‘Hungry For Apples?’ and brings years of interdimensional experience to the table. Welcome on board!”

Jerry said he’s “just very excited to be back in the industry after all these years of struggle,” according to the Jerry Smith account which responded to industry publication Ad Age. “And I can’t thank everyone enough who helped me land this opportunity. Get ready Appley Awards, Jerry is back!”

Fans of the show will know that Jerry is unemployed and always looking for a job, though apparently that now seems to have changed. There seems to be very little information about the motivation behind the decision, and what exactly this means. What we do know is that Jerry’s account was made around a year ago and has actually been active on LinkedIn since. Maybe it’s best that we just don’t ask too many questions…

It does seem though that this move might be a pretty good way to poke fun at companies hiring for creative roles based on following, public image and ‘fame’ over actual evidenced skills, training and knowledge of the industry.

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